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Our switch to the Paleo Diet


Last week we decided to go Paleo. In our version of the Paleo Diet we allow rice, raw milk and potatoes. So far here are the changes that I have noticed. I lost 2 pounds in a week. So I am down to 127lbs. Without any exercise. I have been having regular BM’s. Which it totally out of the norm for me. I have had a massive reduction in the amount of gas that I pass. I used to pass gas at least 50 times a day and they always had the most horrid smell. Now I pass a normal amount. About 15 times a day and the smell is normal. I am so happy because gas has Always been an issue for me. My son who is EBF has also had a huge reduction in the amount of gas that he passes. The smell of his gasses is much less stinky now.

My husband, who has been struggling to gain weight, has put in 2 pounds in a week.

Overall we are very happy with this diet and have no plans or desires to cheat and go back to gluten.

Diamond Nexus: A review and a Giveaway!

Diamond Nexus: A review and a Giveaway!


When my husband and I first got engaged we were young. No joke I was 19. So we bought the cheapest ring we could find. I got my 1/4 ct 14k white gold engagement ring from  Target with no idea about the 4 C’s. Needless to say my ring was not very clear. I loved my ring though. It was perfect at the time. As the years passed I decided that I would like a new ring. As I felt like my tiny ring no longer reflected our love and journey properly.

Thus began my long search for the perfect ring. I had an idea of the style that I wanted. I knew I wanted a halo ring, with “infinity” sides and a pave look. I thought I would have to have my ring custom made since I never could find a ring that met my criteria. I liked these two, but there was no way I could afford them


Left $9,459.99. Right $6,272

About a year ago I came across Diamond Nexus and I have to say I loved the concept. A lab created diamond that was as hard and durable as natural diamonds? Awesome! Not to mention that my husband and I had completely jumped on the eco-friendly train.

I was skeptical though. How could a lab created ring possibly stack up? I have only had experience with CZ rings. They get cloudy and ugly so fast. Here is a quick video on how DN stones are made My fears were laid to rest when I read about Diamond Nexus’ No Risk Triple Guarantee . If I have any issues with the ring or a stone falls out or anything I can contact them and they will fix it! That is really amazing!




So here I was looking at the ring of my dreams. I waited until a great coupon code came up and I called Diamond Nexus and ordered my ring!!! Every ring is made to order so the two week wait was excruciating! I watched the video and looked at the photos of my ring for hours. Then finally it shipped! I was elated!

1425572_10152411605578009_1843034235_n1466118_10152411606243009_1739182524_n1470349_10152411605373009_1670408539_n (1)1426403_10152411608448009_1987023175_n

My ring! $675! A price I can afford and a ring I can count on! I love this ring so much! It sparkles in every type of light. The photos really don’t do this ring justice. It is more beautiful than I could ever of imagined! The only thing I will say negative is that the plastic ring sizer is thicker than the actual ring band so I could have gone a quarter size down, but I really don’t want to send it back for re-sizing since my finger likes to change size depending on the weather. I did not buy the matching band yet. I plan to get it for myself as a birthday present next year! Overall I am elated to finally have the ring of my dreams!!!


(My old ring compared with my new ring)

Diamond Nexus has generously offered to sponsor a giveaway!  Enter below to win a pair of .84 ct. Round cut tension back studs in 14K White Gold. You can also enter on my Facebook pages. SimplySooney Tooth Powder and crunchiemommieblog.


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