Diamond Nexus: A review and a Giveaway!

Diamond Nexus: A review and a Giveaway!


When my husband and I first got engaged we were young. No joke I was 19. So we bought the cheapest ring we could find. I got my 1/4 ct 14k white gold engagement ring from  Target with no idea about the 4 C’s. Needless to say my ring was not very clear. I loved my ring though. It was perfect at the time. As the years passed I decided that I would like a new ring. As I felt like my tiny ring no longer reflected our love and journey properly.

Thus began my long search for the perfect ring. I had an idea of the style that I wanted. I knew I wanted a halo ring, with “infinity” sides and a pave look. I thought I would have to have my ring custom made since I never could find a ring that met my criteria. I liked these two, but there was no way I could afford them


Left $9,459.99. Right $6,272

About a year ago I came across Diamond Nexus and I have to say I loved the concept. A lab created diamond that was as hard and durable as natural diamonds? Awesome! Not to mention that my husband and I had completely jumped on the eco-friendly train.

I was skeptical though. How could a lab created ring possibly stack up? I have only had experience with CZ rings. They get cloudy and ugly so fast. Here is a quick video on how DN stones are made My fears were laid to rest when I read about Diamond Nexus’ No Risk Triple Guarantee . If I have any issues with the ring or a stone falls out or anything I can contact them and they will fix it! That is really amazing!




So here I was looking at the ring of my dreams. I waited until a great coupon code came up and I called Diamond Nexus and ordered my ring!!! Every ring is made to order so the two week wait was excruciating! I watched the video and looked at the photos of my ring for hours. Then finally it shipped! I was elated!

1425572_10152411605578009_1843034235_n1466118_10152411606243009_1739182524_n1470349_10152411605373009_1670408539_n (1)1426403_10152411608448009_1987023175_n

My ring! $675! A price I can afford and a ring I can count on! I love this ring so much! It sparkles in every type of light. The photos really don’t do this ring justice. It is more beautiful than I could ever of imagined! The only thing I will say negative is that the plastic ring sizer is thicker than the actual ring band so I could have gone a quarter size down, but I really don’t want to send it back for re-sizing since my finger likes to change size depending on the weather. I did not buy the matching band yet. I plan to get it for myself as a birthday present next year! Overall I am elated to finally have the ring of my dreams!!!


(My old ring compared with my new ring)

Diamond Nexus has generously offered to sponsor a giveaway!  Enter below to win a pair of .84 ct. Round cut tension back studs in 14K White Gold. You can also enter on my Facebook pages. SimplySooney Tooth Powder and crunchiemommieblog.


Here is the giveaway ****a Rafflecopter giveaway*****

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  1. I was wanting to know how your ring has held up over these past two years? I have been reading a lot into them and I would love to know how they hold up!

    • I ended up returning it. The reason was that the ring had so many tiny stones I was terrifed of one falling out. Yes they would replace the stone but you would have to pay for shipping both ways! Not worth it for me. I ended up trying the asha stones ring and didn’t like that one either. I now have a Charles and Colvard Forever Brilliant moissanite. I have had it over a year and still love it. It is still just as pretty as the day I bought it. I got it on Etsy from Michael Shea Jewelry.

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