Monthly Archives: January 2014

Best Floss in the Universe


Perhaps the title is an understatement. I recently started using a new brand of floss. I had a coupon for Reach Total Care Floss, not the one is normally buy but I had a coupon so I gave it a go anyway. I usually use either Plackers floss picks or Reach regular waxed floss both of which I have a love hate relationship with. The Plackers re-deposits the food particles on all your other teeth and it hurts my gums. The regular Reach floss always shreds inbetween my teeth leaving annoying strings behind. It also always cuts off the circulation in my fingers.

This new Reach floss is amazing! It doesn’t hurt my fingers while flossing. It glides smoothly between my teeth with giving me gum pain. It even fits between my tightest teeth! Needless to say I am in love. 😁