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Our switch to the Paleo Diet


Last week we decided to go Paleo. In our version of the Paleo Diet we allow rice, raw milk and potatoes. So far here are the changes that I have noticed. I lost 2 pounds in a week. So I am down to 127lbs. Without any exercise. I have been having regular BM’s. Which it totally out of the norm for me. I have had a massive reduction in the amount of gas that I pass. I used to pass gas at least 50 times a day and they always had the most horrid smell. Now I pass a normal amount. About 15 times a day and the smell is normal. I am so happy because gas has Always been an issue for me. My son who is EBF has also had a huge reduction in the amount of gas that he passes. The smell of his gasses is much less stinky now.

My husband, who has been struggling to gain weight, has put in 2 pounds in a week.

Overall we are very happy with this diet and have no plans or desires to cheat and go back to gluten.